A global opportunity, a trillion dollar industry

Why Invest
GEM-TECHTM is an undeniable and dependable solution. It represents the next viable technological advancement in building and construction materials, and will be the most significant construction and civil engineering evolutionary breakthrough in over 115 years.

Concrete production is a trillion dollar industry, which produces 8 billion cubic metres per year of concrete. As such, GEM-TECHTM offers an unrivalled opportunity to participate in an exciting new technology with massive global potential. It holds the potential to replace 80% of the world’s concrete use within 12 years.

GEM-TECHTM technology and the GEM-SOLTM catalyst is capable of making substantial sums of money in for many years to come, providing massive returns from a technology that will be renowned world wide.

It is forecasted that the initial investment will, within 3 years, provide a return in excess of $32.5 million USD, and $87 million USD in year five – with increasing ongoing returns year on year in perpetuity.

Market Opportunity
The market for a truly superior and affordable replacement for concrete is enormous. Concrete is used for public works and infrastructure, streets and highways and of course residential and commercial construction.

In the US alone, the cement, concrete, and construction material industry includes more than 5,000 companies with combined annual revenue of approximately $50 billion.

Worldwide Market
The size and health of the concrete industry is best measured by global demand for cement, a key ingredient in both traditional concrete and GEM-TECHTM . Cement production rose 10% in 2011/12 to 3.4 billion tons, indicating that a staggering 16.48 billion tons of concrete was put in place.

Cement production is expected to rise 5.4% per year to 4.3 billion metric tons in 2015. China currently accounts for 56% of this global demand, and Brazil is predicted to be the future big-demand country.