GEM-TECHTM represents a scaleable model with enormous global potential

As the licensing program develops, we will scale the following operations:

machine Manufacturing
GEM-TECHTM machines will be commissioned by Genesis Global Limited via authorised manufacturing and assembly plant companies on behalf of licensees, and calibrated to suit the required applications. Genesis Global will receive a 10% royalty on each machine sale.

catalyst Manufacturing
A catalyst production plant will be established in the UK to produce bulk quantities of the GEM-SOLTM catalyst in order to support all GEM-TECHTM machines sold. Genesis Global will receive a 25% royalty on all GEM-SOLTM catalyst sales.

Customer Support
An international team of technical and support engineers will assist GEM-TECHTM licensees with implementation, maintenance and performance optimisation.

Research & Development
Ongoing research will continue to improve the GEM-TECHTM system and keep it competitive in the marketplace.