GEM-TECHTM has achieved the ultimate, cost-effective construction material

Millions of dollars has been spent on research into additives (admixtures) and processes to alter the basic concrete recipe, but nothing has succeeded in solving concrete’s inherent weight problem without making the material dramatically weaker or costly.

The results of these attempts either do not achieve an adequate density to strength ratio to enable a full range of uses comparable to those of concrete, or are radically more time-consuming and expensive.

Now, GEM-TECHTM Technology has succeeded in achieving the ultimate cost effective construction material, as this overview shows:

    • US$79.58 per cubic yard
    • 4,060 to 7,685 psi
    • Density 113 lbs/ft
    • 7.5 to 12 cubic yards per hour
    • Withstands 2,500 Fahrenheit
    • Ready Mix Concrete
    • US$121.76 per cubic yard
    • 2,175 to psi to 7,250 psi
    • Density 156 lbs/ft
    • 10 cubic yards per truck
    • Bows at 180 Fahrenheit

All measurable metrics have been verified, confirming a complete range of impressive improvements when compared to traditional ready-mix concrete.