GEM-TECHTM represents a genuine revolution for the global construction industry

GEM-TECHTM is lighter, stronger and less expensive than ready mix concrete. Its attributes are closer to steel than concrete, and deliver an enormous range of advantages over ready mix concrete.

Item Ready Mix Concrete GEM-TECHTM GEM-TECHTM Advantage
Average cost per cubic yard Ready Mix ConcreteUS$ 121.76 GEM-TECHTM US$ 79.58 GEM-TECHTM AdvantageAt least 53% cheaper
Compressive Strength Ready Mix Concrete2175 – 7250 psi GEM-TECHTM 4060 – 7,685 psi GEM-TECHTM Advantage53-75% greater strength to weight ratio
Density Ready Mix Concrete156 lbs/ft2 standard structural applications GEM-TECHTM 113 lbs/ft2 for equivalent mixture.
machine can be adjusted to produce any density, as light at 25 lbs/ft2 to suit multiple applications
GEM-TECHTM Advantage28% lighter. Eliminates dead-weight that causes concrete to crack under tensile stress.
Components Ready Mix ConcreteSand, Gravel, Cement, Chemical Admixtures and water. GEM-TECHTM Sand, Cement, Water and GEM-SOLTM catalyst GEM-TECHTM AdvantageNo heavy gravel to purchase, or transport.
Production Ready Mix ConcreteComponents mixed with water at a batching plant. An exothermic chemical reaction (hydration) turns the cement into a hard paste designed to bind the sand and gravel. Compaction, vibration and tamping are undertaken to assist bonding of the ingredients, with no way to achieve a fully uniform blend. GEM-TECHTM In the GEM-TECHTM machine, the GEM-SOLTM catalyst and water are combined with compressed air to produce a foam containing billions of micron sized air cells. This resulting foam is injected into the GEM-TECHTM mixing screw system via an atomiser, and uniformly mixed with the sand and cement, which are fed automatically into the machine in precise amounts. GEM-TECHTM AdvantageSelf-contained, precision process that is specifically calibrated to ensure even distribution of ingredients, consistent density and strength. Self compacting fill all voids, to produce a self-leveling mixture with zero weak points.
Transportation & Labour Ready Mix ConcreteConcrete is mixed at centralised plants. once mixed, it must be delivered within 1.5hrs or it will harden too much to remain workable. A standard truckload of concrete is 10 cubic yards. GEM-TECHTM The GEM-TECHTM machine is designed to operate at the site of construction. The latest machines produces between 7.5 and 12 cubic yards per hour on demand, and the design is fully scalable. GEM-TECHTM AdvantagePortable machines located on site eliminate transportation. Requiring minimal labour, the machine provides consistent, on-demand supply, which can be pumped to the precise location required.
Consistency Ready Mix ConcreteInherently inconsistent due to natural variation in gravel aggregate and its distribution when mixing. GEM-TECHTM Uniform consistency that is actually closer to steel than concrete, enabling precision material construction. GEM-TECHTM AdvantageGEM-TECHTM delivers uniform strength throughout the material.
Heat Resistance Ready Mix ConcreteConcrete bows at 180 Fahrenheit, and completely blows and disintegrates at 356 Fahrenheit. GEM-TECHTM GEM-TECHTM withstands temperatures of 2,500 Fahrenheit. GEM-TECHTM AdvantageCompletely fire-proof. Far greater thermal qualities provides expanded application potential.
Moisture Resistance Ready Mix ConcreteVulnerable to chemicals carried by water, causing inevitable deterioration, cement leaching and cracking. GEM-TECHTM Impervious to moisture. GEM-TECHTM AdvantageIncredible durability, and will not crack.

GEM-TECHTM represents a genuine revolution for the global construction industry, and a unique and exciting investment and market opportunity.

Ecological Advantages
GEM-TECHTM ’s unique formula and method of delivery have the potential to massively reduce the amount of quarrying, manufacturing, transportation and labour traditionally associated with the trillion dollar concrete marketplace. It impacts, or completely eliminates, so many of the carbon emitting processes and, when considered on a global scale, the possible advantages are staggering.


EUROPE 21,329,393 394,400,000
USA 12,420,000 230,000,000
GLOBAL 432,000,000 8,000,000,000 (Billion)