A new, field-ready GEM-TECHTM machine, capable of producing a minimum of 6 cubic metres of GEM-TECHTM per hour, was completed in October 2013 and followed by full evaluation and testing.

Strategic Alliances & Licensing Model
We have identified strategic allies to test the GEM-TECHTM System and the GEM-TECHTM product, with directives to prove that GEM-TECHTM meets all USA, UK, European and global building standards. This is in readiness for the global licensing model, produced to specifically address the licensed, worldwide use of GEM-TECHTM Technology.

  • Coventry UniversityDr. Messaoud Saidani is a respected Professor and Reader of Structural Engineering, who has collaborated in the day-to-day operation of the GEM-TECHTM Project at Coventry University. He continues to oversee comprehensive laboratory testing of the new machine, and can prepare a full report for potential investors and partners.Download Dr. Saidani’s Overview »
  • Keller PlcThis UK-based civil engineering and groundworks company operates in 40 countries, and has already conducted on-site site trials of the GEM-TECHTM solution. Keller plc has confirmed interest in doing a cost savings analysis and test of the new GEM-TECHTM machine.
  • AECOMA major U.S. construction company operating in 130 countries. Dr. Hagh and Dr. Isenberg, two of the world’s top structural engineers, are providing guidance to ensure the GEM-TECHTM machine can be tested to achieve compliance with American Concrete Institute standards. Upon successful testing, it is anticipated that AECOM (and potentially their affiliate Tishman Construction Inc.) would help introduce GEM-TECHTM to the US engineering, architecture and construction industries. AECOM is well positioned globally, increasing the possibility of collaboration in placing GEM-TECHTM licenses throughout the world.
  • British Research Establishment (BRE)This UK accredited laboratory will test GEM-TECHTM specimens produced by the new machine and provide certification to the British and European Concrete Standards. The British Board of Agrément will verify BRE’s results with additional testing. Upon successful testing, BRE has confirmed assistance in introducing GEM-TECHTM to the UK market place.Download BRE Letter »
  • Aggregate IndustriesThis leading UK manufacturer of pre-cast concrete blocks, tiles, paving slabs and other products has performed numerous tests on GEM-TECHTM specimens. It has also provided all the sand for research and development to date free of charge. Once the technology has been certified, Aggregate Industries would like to be the first company to offer pre-cast GEM-TECHTM products. Aggregate Industries is owned by Holcim, the second largest concrete producer in the world and a major potential licensing partner.

Commissioned Project
GEM-TECHTM Technology has recently been commissioned to carry out two separate projects in the UK, which make successful use of the new GEM-TECHTM machine.

GT_2_01The first contract was carried out on November 2013 on behalf of a large manufacturing plant. It comprised the use of the GEM-TECHTM machine to mix and pump 7.5 cubic metres of GEM-TECHTM material in one straight pour, the preferred delivery method over using ready mixed concrete.

The second project was carried out in December 2013 at a Keller PLC site, consisting of approximately 6 cubic metres of GEM-TECHTM materials being produced at various mix ratios, together with the Employees of Keller PLC being trained to operate the new GEM-TECHTM machine.