ready mixed GEM-TECHTM

The versatile GEM-TECHTM technology is the perfect solution for:

  • Foundations GEM-TECHTM provides an all-in-one operation. It is mixed on site, and can be pumped up to 30 metres from the GEM-TECHTM machine to the precise desired location. Subsequently, there is no need for any hardcore, sub-ground materials, expensive plant and equipment, vibrating, compaction or tamping.
  • Ground and floor bases for housing, factory, warehouses, supermarkets and multi-storey buildings. GEM-TECHTM is self levelling, self compacting, fills all voids – all without the need for screeding.
  • Highways, motorways and road laying. Using GEM-TECHTM means no requirement of roadstone sub-bases, concrete or ashphalt and tarmac surfacing.
  • Piling, mini-piling and underpinning The GEM-TECHTM machine delivery hoses are simply connected to piling rigs and pumps, delivering directly without any blockages or material waste.
  • Bridge repairs and arch bridge strengthening GEM-TECHTM bonds to steel re-enforcement. It is extremely workable and easy to apply, providing the perfect solution in strength and sustainability.

pre-cast GEM-TECHTM (factory production)

Providing for much larger scale production, GEM-TECHTM pre-cast products can be factory produced using the exact same process and engineering principles as the GEM-TECHTM machines.

  • Bricks, blocks and block paving GEM-TECHTM bricks, blocks and block paving are produced by pumping and pouring mixed GEM-TECHTM into brick, block and block paving moulds. All can be specifically engineered to the required density for each type of product, at significant cost savings in both materials and labour.
  • Paving slabs, decorative paving and flags, roof tiles. GEM-TECHTM mixed, pumped and poured into the paving moulds and due to no use of any stone aggregate the end product has a much higher definition, with the ability to colour the output material as desired. End products are also much easier to handle and transport together with reduced transport costs due to the lighter weight of GEM-TECHTM material. These same products and economical benefits extend to all manner of target uses, such as street furniture, bollards and vehicle safety barriers.
  • Fire proof doors Produced in moulds using GEM-TECHTM mixes, with high definition to reproduce ‘wood grain’ finishes with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

pre-cast (heavy duty and specialised production)

Many large construction projects are developed using pre-cast sections. The GEM-TECHTM technology process and system is the perfect solution for producing pre-cast sections that be transported to large construction site projects, offering significant advantages:

  • GEM-TECHTM is significantly lighter in weight without compromising its strength, which has a substantial impact in reducing material usage, steel re-enforcement, handling requirements and transportation costs.
  • GEM-TECHTM is a lighter material, therefore the seismic qualities provide far better performance than heavy concrete.
  • GEM-TECHTM bonds to steel like no other cementitious material, thus reducing any corrosion of steel re-enforcements and making the building more structurally sound.
  • GEM-TECHTM is impervious to moisture.

Examples of GEM-TECHTM pre-cast heavy duty applications:-

  • Highwall building systems
  • Quickspan beams, square beams, floor beams and ground beams
  • Grand-stands, terraces, bridges and gantries
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Staircases and stair units
  • Columns, bespoke structures and architectural structures
  • Oil drilling platforms, sea and river defences and flood control