strengths comparable with traditional ready mixed concrete, at significantly lower weight densities

What is GEM-TECHTM ?
GEM-TECHTM is a lighter, strong, less expensive and consistent cement-based material that is suitable for approximately 80% of concrete projects. It offers comparable strength to traditional ready mixed concrete and at significantly lower weight densities.

Designed to be mixed on-site and on-demand in the patented GEM-TECHTM machine, it is comprised of sand, cement, water and the exclusive GEM-SOLTM catalyst.

The GEM-TECHTM processsidebar-video-placeholder
The exclusive GEM-SOLTM catalyst and water are combined inside the GEM-TECHTM machine reservoir, and then pumped to the atomising gun simultaneously with compressed air producing a durable foam. The foam is injected into the patented mixing screw via an atomiser dispersing billions of micron sized air cells which are all evenly mixed and blended with sand, cement and water, all of which are automatically fed into the machine in precise amounts.

Following evaluation and testing since October 2013, the new GEM-TECHTM machine delivers at least 10x more output than the initial prototypes.

The animated video demonstrating how our patented technology works can only be viewed on a strictly confidential basis by way of a pre-determined legal agreement.

Value Proposition
GEM-TECHTM is a revolutionary breakthrough and represents a global opportunity to major investors, construction companies, pre-cast concrete manufacturers, the defence industry and other end users around the world.

There is now a consistent, lighter, less-expensive and on-demand solution that offers enormous savings accross the board, plus a host of proven benefits that will positively impact every measurable metric. GEM-TECHTM eliminates the cost of gravel aggregate, transportation and waste. There is no need for additional labour, tamping, vibrating or tamping equipment to compact GEM-TECHTM because it is self-compacting. The costs of steel bar reinforcement is also reduced or eliminated with GEM-TECHTM , and the resulting material is maintenance free.

Less Expensive
GEM-TECHTM is up to 56% less expensive than traditional concrete. It eliminates the cost of gravel aggregate, also significantly reducing transportation and other waste.
The GEM-TECHTM machine produces a completely blended and homogenous mix for a consistent strength throughout the material.
GEM-TECHTM delivers high compressive strengths at lower densities, and will not crack under its own weight.
Heat Resistant
GEM-TECHTM is up to 10 times more heat resistant than concrete, withstanding temperatures in excess of 2500 degrees fahrenheit.
Lower Carbon Footprint
GEM-TECHTM requires far less raw material, significantly reducing carbon emissions related to quarrying, heavy-haulage and transportation.
Other Qualities
GEM-TECHTM is impervious to moisture, provides excellent insulation and has greater acoustic qualities than traditional concrete, making it a better choice for many speciality applications.