Genesis Global Limited
Genesis evolved after Precision Engineer Sam George set out to develop a system with the potential to compete with, and possibly replace, certain sectors of the ready-mix concrete market.

The initial system invented by Mr. George consisted of a machine and a proprietary catalyst, combined with water, sand and cement. The outcome achieved extraordinary results, which were verified through independent testing at Birmingham City Laboratories, Birmingham, England.

Recognising the tremendous potential as a worldwide construction material for multiple applications, in March 2008, Genesis Global Limited was formed to further research, develop and monetize GEM-TECHTM , the working name given to the process. Since then, as a result of personal funding plus collaborative grants, activity has focused on collecting extensive evidence that verify of the unique and versatile properties of GEM-TECHTM . This has included extensive, grant-funded research at Coventry University, Coventry, England.

By 2010, the system was officially named GEM-TECHTM , and a patent followed in 2011. The GEM-TECHTM system comprised of a patented GEM-TECHTM machine featuring a patented mixing screw, and the patented GEM-SOLTM catalyst. GEM-TECHTM system could enable cost-effective, on-site production of a new cement-based construction material shown to achieve higher strengths comparable with traditional ready-mixed concrete at significantly lower weight densities.

Sam George, Inventor & Founder
As a qualified Precision Engineer, Mr George originally spent six years working on machinery design for Matrix Churchill International.

Ever the entrepreneur, he turned his attention to retail. His tenacious and innovative approach saw him transform Chelsea Man plc from a single men’s clothing shop to a US$21.6M public company, boasting 92 stores across the United Kingdom. He remained here as Chairman of the Board until 1991, when his brother took over his business interests.

Mr. George then bought a farm in Warwickshire and spent four years converting it from 891 square feet, into 11,578 square feet, along the way gaining first hand knowledge of the limitations and exorbitant costs of using traditional ready mixed concrete. By 1995 this motivated him to return to interest engineering roots, and he began working on the machine screw and catalyst invention that would ultimately become the basis for GEM-TECHTM .